My Big Activity Book about Europe

“My Big Activity Book about Europe allows children to think about European cooperation in an inventive and interactive way… Europe belongs to all of us, and how we proceed with this cooperation is also a question for children. It is great that this book stimulates children in a creative way to think about this for themselves,” says Frans Timmermans on the webpage of the project by Studio Europa Maastricht.

Brimming with fun facts, puzzles and activities, My Big Activity Book about Europe tells you all about Europe; why the EU was created, how the euro got its name and which European country boasts the most castles.

Read what children in Greece and Germany think about living there; draw your own freedom message on the Berlin Wall and present your case for – or against – a future European army!

With My Big Activity Book about Europe you’ll discover how European countries are working ever closely together and share your thoughts on the future of our continent!