Europe Day is a day celebrating “peace and unity in Europe”, in commemoration of the Schuman Declaration of 9 May 1950. The European Cultural Foundation contributes to that with a yearly festival programme in Amsterdam. This year, war is back in Europe. In 2022, unity and solidarity have gained another meaning, and lie close to our hearts, more than ever before. On Europe Day 2022, we will bring together artists, creatives, policy-and opinion makers, journalists, activists, partners and grantees for a day of conversations, films and talk shows in which culture and solidarity will be central. Everybody can be part of that since the programme is presented physically as well as digitally.

The future of Europe is made right now in our response to the war on Ukraine. Therefore, the Europe Day 2022 title, The Future is now! is as actual as can be.

The war urges Europe to take a stand, to define common action against terror, to show unity and prove solidarity now and in future. What can we achieve together as a cultural community? What are the possibilities and limits of culture, and of Europe? How does the current context impact our European sentiment and our identity as a community? These are some of the questions that the day and evening will tackle.

The European Cultural Foundations’ programmatic goals apply to Europe Day: Culture of Solidarity, experience, imagine and share Europe.