European Union Youth Orchestra – CAFÉ Bauhaus

Europe Day 2022, during the Year of European Youth, sees the launch of the European Union Youth Orchestra’s new CAFÉ Bauhaus programme. Inspired by the New European Bauhaus launched by European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen in 2020 in order to help shape more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive forms of living together in Europe, CAFÉ Bauhaus recreates the inspiration of The Bauhaus movement in modern guise, in a series of sustainable local performances and events created and run by EUYO members and recent alumni.

Each year, starting in 2022, the EUYO will be making awards to three winning projects from a call out to EUYO members and recent alumni for innovative, creative and sustainable projects that successfully connect classical music to contemporary issues such as climate change, sustainability, gender equality, diversity, equity and inclusion. Each awarded project will receive practical support, advice and seed money to help kick start the project.

The target audience for CAFÉ Bauhaus projects is young and diverse audiences, local communities, and people new to classical music. The concept revolves around EUYO players and recent alumni making local partnerships with a variety of diverse networks in the locality of the performance venue, out of which will come these new audiences. By keeping the projects local, including local performers and partners, innovative high-quality work is created in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

EUYO, photo by Michael Giefing

The EUYO will assist each awarded project with help and training in the areas of planning, programming, presenting, project management, fundraising, finance, and marketing and communication. Additionally each CAFÉ Bauhaus project will receive 5.000€ as seed money towards the project The intention is for the EUYO and its Creative Partners to help build the entrepreneurial capacities of Europe’s talented young musicians to make, mount and perform their own work in creative, innovative and sustainable ways. This is intended as nothing less than a new model helping emerging artists in Europe to create their own work and engage with new audiences.

CAFÉ Bauhaus operates as part of the EUYO Frontrunners online learning programme, launched in February 2022. The three 2022 CAFÉ Bauhaus Award winners will be announced live at 18.40 CET as part of the Future is Now! Europe Day event, with interviews with the winning projects and video presentation of their work. The winning projects come from across Europe and we believe they will showcase the power and beauty of Europe’s young creative artists to present great work during a particularly challenging time in Europe and the world.