We Are Europe

Building new narratives on migration

We are Europe is a cooperation project first launched in 2015 and gathering 8 cultural structures from all over Europe, each of which organises a contemporary music festival and a professional forum on the global issues of cultural mutation, innovation and creative fields, and European democracy.

The project aims to highlight a new generation of cultural actors who are committed to shape Europe’s present and future: cultural entrepreneurs, artists, creators, designers, researchers, journalists, new media actors, young elected representatives in cities, music industry activists – all European either by birth or by choice. They are “change-makers” we want to give a voice to, and that we aim to support through our ‘64 Faces of We are Europe’ annual selection.

We are Europe was founded on the belief that art, culture and festivals play an essential role in civil and political life. It aims to connect forgotten initiatives, new models, intelligent practices and concerted policies to rebuild a European culture as imagined by its people: open, democratic, independent, ambitious and creative.

The cooperation is also behind the creation of a new online media platform – European, collaborative and forward-thinking to better understand the issues faced by Europe today.

In a context where the cultural sector, European democracies and societies are all deeply challenged, We are Europe aims to be amongst those shaping new alternatives and redefining the future.

We are Europe stands for a European vision built on migrations, hospitality, mobilities. These values are shared through the project’s annual selection of 64 “Faces”; 64 inspiring personalities illustrating European diversity. All of them have unique life trajectories, personal and professional, made up of movements, encounters, interbreeding, accidents, meetings and connections.

This is precisely what can be found in OBI’s journey. This Nigerian-born rapper has been invited to play at Le Sucre as part of the Lyon-based venue’s residence program. We are Europe sat down with him in January 2021 to talk about his work, his journey from Nigeria to France, his background as an artist, but also about the way he perceives Europe and about the role of artists in tackling migration topics, as well as his hopes for the future.

From another perspective, Anne Dekker is also shaping new narratives on European migrations, by being actively involved in Sea-Watch, an NGO working on human sea-rescuing in the Mediterranean sea. We are Europe also met her as part of one of the 8 events: TodaysArt, in September 2019.