the Greats

Culture of Solidarity is a creative challenge by Fine Acts, supported by the European Cultural Foundation, aiming at fostering a creative space to produce emotional, compelling visuals that bring to life a common vision for a better future. We believe that there is an urgent need for uplifting messages of unity, togetherness and solidarity that would reinforce the feeling of belonging and the idea of Europe as a shared space. We commissioned 27 artists (one representing each EU member state) to create new works that reinforce solidarity and deal with the aftermath of the pandemic in European societies. We also opened a call to creatives anywhere to submit relevant works from their archive. All featured 100 + works are published under a specific open license on – Fine Acts’ new platform for free socially engaged visuals, and are made available for free noncommercial use and adaptation to activists and orgs worldwide, given the appropriate credit.

Watch a recording of their presentation on the Greats below.