The Great Europe Show (Eindhoven)

7 May 2024
Eindhoven, Netherlands
By De Kiesmannen

On June 6, 2024 you can go to the polls for the European Elections. And there is a lot at stake this year. Farmers are demonstrating against stricter environmental requirements, activists are fighting for radical climate policy and there is still no structural solution to the migration issue. And that while Putin fights at the gates of Europe and we face new challenges due to the rise of AI. In the meantime, you are sitting at home on the couch with mixed feelings; ‘again elections?, ‘what are they even doing there in Brussels?’ and ‘I don’t know any MEPs’.

Get ready for a show full of entertainment, humor and music about the European Elections. How does Europe actually work? And what are the plans of the various parties on these important themes? You will experience it all during this election show of de Kiesmannen.

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