The Europeans podcast

The Europeans, an award-winning weekly podcast about the continent’s politics and culture, will be trying something a little different for its Europe Day episode in the week of May 9. Given that this year’s Europe Day coincides with the launch of the Conference on the Future of Europe, we thought we’d interview the people who represent the continent’s future: children.

Special thanks to Maja and Zoe in Ukraine, Ruben in Switzerland, Leo and Florence in France, Remy in the UK and Raul in Germany for lending us their voices to help us celebrate Europe Day this week.

Recorded each week in Amsterdam and Paris with guests joining from across Europe, The Europeans is hosted by journalist Katy Lee and opera singer Dominic Kraemer. In 2019 the podcast was awarded a grant from the European Cultural Foundation to develop two flagship mini-series: Bursting the Bubble, which explains how EU institutions work in the least boring way possible, and Postcards from Europe, a series of intimate personal stories from across the continent. They have recently joined Sphera, a collective of independent European media outlets, and are working with Are We Europe magazine on a new series called This Is What A Generation Sounds Like, funded by Allianz Kulturstiftung.