Talking Futur

Created during the pandemic last year, Talking Futur aims to evoke, provoke and connect – not only encouraging conversations and debate on a series of issues between the dance community and the cream of the civil, cultural and scientific community but also amongst those tuning in – including Kappa Futur Festival’s key audience.


“We want this project to contribute to European public debates in two different ways,” says the Talking Futur team. “O n the one hand giving a different point of view on the electronic music scene, on the other hand discussing the new reality generated by the pandemic without directly mentioning Covid-19

The project launches with Episode 1 – Nutrition vs. Technology starring French DJ Agoria and sustainability activist and scholar Charles Michel. Two intellectuals from very different worlds discussing our relationship with food and eating, and what role technology now plays in that, looking at how technology can both help us and harm us and how it effects our mental health. It’s about food and music, it’s about technology and evolution, politics and responsibility.

Episode 2 is titled Sustainibility Vs. Globality. Here one of the most down-to-earth DJs on the scene, Spanish ace Paco Osuna chatting with one of the most interesting and significant street artists in Italy, Cibo, who erases words and symbols of hate by painting over them with the most beautiful, enjoyable and immediate fuel for mankind: food (Cibo means Food in Italian). In this episode the pair talk through free trade, the super-rich and the effect on art and DJing. Can an international DJ’s jet setting career be sustainable? Where should we draw the line between the longing for globality and the need to preserve our roots? What is the aim of the things we do, of the things we love, of the things we fight for? Paco and Cibo openly exchange their ideas and experiences – always with a smile, but perfectly aware of how serious these topics are.

Finally, the series ends with Episode 3 – Emptiness Of The Dancefloors Vs. Jamming Of The Web (out May 24 th). Looking at what the explosion of online events during the pandemic means for the live event industry and for DJs going forward. Can they ever replace real world events? How has the way we communicate and operate changed, since social media took over our lives? And what is the safest way to deal with social media today, if you’re an artist/talent/creator.  For this discussion they invited rising star, DJ/producer Chelina Manuhutu, and the communicator extraordinaire Adrian Fartade, who revolutionized the way science and astrophysics are communicated today. Together they address how the pandemic has affected our habits over the last two years and how we learn from it and move forward as ‘real life’ returns.