SES interviewing Joep Leerssen

Europe: what does it mean? is an exclusive interview between comparatist and cultural historian Joep Leerssen and the members of the Study Association for European Studies (SES) at the University of Amsterdam. In order to celebrate and promote values of cooperation, cultural development and solidarity within Europe, we must first try to understand what Europe truly stands for. What does it mean? How is it constructed and represented in the everyday lives of its citizens? In what ways can Europe be conceptually and practically used to create a positive environment on our continent? These, and many others, are vital questions we’ll be addressing in this event.

A laureate of the Spinozapremie, Joep Leerssen’s perspective and expertise are invaluable when trying to tackle such fundamental matters regarding Europe, both culturally and socially. SES members will have the opportunity to submit their questions before-hand and also act as interviewers, with the aim of initiating an intergenerational dialogue: how do we position ourselves when it comes to Europe when it has already been a given for our generation? How does that compare to the perspective of a specialist in this field who has witnessed Europe in the making? How has Europe changed from its original ideals of cooperation to becoming a value system in itself?

By the end of our session, it is our aim to uncover as many perspectives on Europe as possible and to celebrate Europe’s Day together!