Humans in the EU

Humans of the EU was created in 2018 to present stories of people working in European affairs in Brussels, and quickly gathered thousands of followers.

Now launched as Humans in the EU, the project aims to take a more inclusive approach of presenting the human face of Europe. We want to bring creators, storytellers, and influencers together to tell personal human stories and give a voice and a platform to underrepresented groups in Europe.

Europe is facing several existential problems and we want to address two major strands:

On one hand, the European Union is facing an exponential rise in authoritarianism, nationalism, and xenophobia among its citizens, who are becoming more and more disengaged, cynical, and drift to extremes.

On the other hand, the EU seems unable to communicate its aims and story in a way that appeals to the broader public. This has, over time, caused a lack of trust in the EU and its institutions, particularly from underrepresented communities.

Humans in the EU aims to provide an answer to these existential questions, stemming from the belief that arts and civic engagement, when combined, will bring positive change in Europe and among communities that tend to be marginalised from the European discourse.