The Fellowship of Questions

The Fellowship of Questions connects people from different backgrounds, languages, ages to question each other in what they feel most worried or passionate about in their context rather than imposing ready-made topics. In a time of reflection and social distancing, challenging the dominant ways of communication and interaction is important. This platform creates a new network of curiosity through a “game” of questions that can be done online (through our website and zoom) or offline – through workshops in different locations. Workshops and diverse activities and ideas generated by the project will also be shared and presented on the website, so anyone could have access and be able to apply them. This will lead people from different contexts to interact, learn, and share thoughts with each other and to ask questions about solidarity, social participation, citizenship, civic action, and many others. We believe that asking questions is an opportune way to rock prejudice, discrimination, and social polarisation based not just on national borders but language, age, religion, background, and politics as well. We want to make transnational connections with people who think they are distant and enable them to link, reflect on their thoughts, question their truths, deepen their understanding, and practice critical thinking.

Map of wellbeing

The Map of Wellbeing is a result of one of the FoQ project activities. It collects questions about internal and external influences related to mental health in order to create an illustrative self-assessment tool. It is made thanks to the inputs of our participants. The map is still in the making and we are inviting you to enrich it with your own examples and become part of the Fellowship! Our objective is to include as many different people and questions as possible, so the map represents truly a joint effort and shared authorship with multiple perspectives.

Facebook thread discussion

Especially in the time of so-called New normality, social media represents the important public, open space for discussion and exchange of knowledge, opinions, and resources. It is true that Facebook comments are sometimes the place of argument, but in the FoQ we want to create new bridges and connections and give people the possibility to express their thoughts and develop a discussion without arguing but through the questions instead. The Fellowship of Questions.

Instagram Question day

Using Instagram’s <Ask me a question> feature and posting a series of questions related to May 9th, we want to give people the opportunity to express what this day represents to them and enable different views and voices to be heard about topics such as Europe, Solidarity, Freedom, Unity, etc.