European Union – How to Navigate Towards a Sustainable Community of Values?

8 May 2024
19:00 — 22:00
Utrecht, Netherlands
By Comité Europadag Utrecht

The Europadag Utrecht Committee organizes the annual Europadag Celebration on Wednesday 8 May 2024. Here you can find out more about the role that the city of Utrecht has played in the development of Europe and what the European Union is now. Utrecht houses a lot of heritage that reminds of this development.

During a walk through the city center of Utrecht, under the guidance of a city guide, we do some of these heritage points and discover the positive aspects and the fray edges of the role that Utrecht has played in the development of Europe. Along the way, we will talk to each other about this. For example, about the stable peace since 1945 and about a values-based community. But also about the smaches and abrasive aspects of that history, such as slavery and inequality of values.

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