State of European Literature

The 2021 edition of the State of European Literature and the European Literature Night will take place on June 19, 5pm. A joined activity of EUNIC Netherlands, the Forum on European Culture, SPUI25 and the Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam. This year’s edition will focus on the courage of the writer. On Europe Day, 9 May, we are announcing live the name of the author who will deliver this years’s State of European Literature, a prestigious keynote about the state of European literature and the state of literature in Europe. Following the State on the 19th of June, live and online from De Balie, twelve writers and poets from all over Europe will engage in conversation, perform, debate.

With: Andrea Bajani, Ramunas Bogdanas, Elia Barceló, Maarja Kangro, Laurent PetitmanginMonique Roffey, Christoph Schneeberger, Jan Škrob, Moni Stanila, Max Temmerman, Boštjan Videmšek, Olivia Wenzel.

Join us on June 19, for the State of European Literature, live at 5pm, and for the European Literature Night, live at 8pm in De Balie