Collective, a new kind of media

Since September 2020, and as a result of the Summer of Solidarity project, we envisioned multiple ways in which we, Are We Europe, could continue the work done and funnel it into a new project that would still retain the same core value: to encourage collaboration and unity in the European media sphere, as well as foster solidarity, curiosity and sharing across the continent.

Initially, the idea was to emulate ‘Federal Project Number One’, a series of cultural projects enacted under Roosevelt’s New Deal programs of the 1930s. The idea behind it was to create a self-portrait of the United States by employing up to 40’000 writers, musicians and artists to create works that would help Americans discover their own human stories  Federal One is responsible for creating some of the most notable and enduring works of the period, such as John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath and Dorothea Lange’s renowned Dust Bowl photographs.

Collective blossomed from this initial idea, with a focus on uniting the creative sphere with journalism to engage Europeans with one another and stimulate impactful, collaborative storytelling. Many hours of work were put into tailoring this concept into a viable project. Through research, we arrived at the natural conclusion that the self-portrait of Europe is to a degree already being written, illustrated, filmed and photographed, but that there were limitations to their scope and reach as many larger European media outfits are constrained by the national silos they operate within. This, coupled with the issue that many legacy media organisations are dominated by largely Anglo-American subject matters such as Brexit or Trump, means that a lot of great European storytelling is left by the wayside. Our aim was both to support independent media creators, as well as champion new ways of engaging with young Europeans – who are less likely to trust legacy media organisations than older generations

The European media landscape is ready for a new kind of media. Collective curates the best stories from around Europe that are not being highlighted anywhere else, with a personal touch. Curators at Collective will be “that friend” you turn to for everything from food in the Balkans to new tech in Berlin. From newsletters to podcasts to videos and beyond, Collective brings you the right stories, right where you want them. Collective leverages a cross national, diversity-driven network of curators and creators dedicated to building up personalised reader engagement.

Our kick-off output will take the form of a curated newsletter, with each issue revolving around one of the following topics:

Art, Music & Culture

Inclusive Society

Nature, Health & Science

Urbanism, Ruralism

Money & Power