i-Portunus Houses

A Greener Future for Cultural Mobility

In a few weeks, the European Cultural Foundation, Kultura Nova Foundation and MitOst will launch a new mobility project called “i-Portunus Houses” (initiated and co-financed by the European Commission), which offers a specific mobility support scheme for local hosts to team up with up to 5 artists and cultural professionals.

Our ambition is to re-imagine the future of cultural mobility – during and beyond the global pandemic – by focusing on more conscious, fair, sustainable and “green” ways of travelling and collaborating. We are convinced that the current disrupted and ever-transforming work for artists and cultural professionals need new long-term solutions.

On Europe Day, we invite two expert speakers, Noel B Salazar (founder of the Cultural Mobilities Research (CuMoRe) cluster at KU Leuven) and Yasmine Ostendorf (founder of Green Art Lab Alliance), for a live conversation on the fairer and greener future of cultural mobility. Join us for this conversation from 16.00 – 17.00h via link.

Curious about the new i-Portunus Houses mobility scheme? Make sure to keep an eye on the website!